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Why Criterion Technologly, Inc for Injection Molding?

  • Experience: 20 Years - Thermoforming to Injection Molding

  • Acrylic, Polycarbonate, and Nylon Materials: Class 100,000 optical grade quality

  • Domes: 2 Highly Polished surfaces, vented precisely during fill cycle

  • Quality Controls: Continuous monitoring and inspections

  • One-time NRE: Proper maintenance allows cost free tool maintenance for the life of the product

Littlebrooke Farm CCTV Injection Molding Security Camera Optic Dome Lenses

CCTV Security Lenses

Video Security: Optical Clarity For Full Range Pan/Tilt Applications. Material Options For Most Environments Over Time

Littlebrooke Farm Subsea Systems Injection Molding Optical Lense Domes

Subsea Systems Optics

Underwater applications: ruggedness of the dome, and airtight / watertight assembly tested1050psi without failure.

Littlebrooke Farm LiDAR Injection Molded Dome Lenses

LiDAR Injected Molded Lenses

Clarity: High Transitivity Of Low To Mid-Range IR Light. Strong Scratch Resistant Coatings To Minimize Signal Errors.

Littlebrooke Farm Injection Molded Domes

Custom Molded Optical Products

Choose: Dome Size (without flange). Resin Color. Needs and requirements of your Molded Optical Lenses.

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